Panda drama

It’s been a while since I’ve written into this blog. So, I’m going to change that today by making an entry about what I’ve been up to for the last two years.

During this last two years with the pandemic, I have had to slow down what I’ve been doing in the gym. However, I have still been exercising very lightly though. I have also been making virtual artwork on the platform of second life.

Discovering what I am doing.

This has been one of the most foundational time periods of my life I believe. Where I have been learning what I want to do in life finally at the age of 34. And it’s where I’m making art that I feel is important to me, like I am not just making artwork that looks proceed that makes me feel good. I am still doing my Reiki stuff and my self-healing stuff alongside with my Multiple Sclerosis and making sure that that’s in check. That said I have been making artwork in second life. That I feel is important to articulate.

I know not everybody will understand it but I think that’s what artwork is about it’s open for people to look at view and make their own opinions on. Are the longest time I didn’t understand, Like I knew all was, but I didn’t realise that I had a message inside of me that I wanted to articulate. I was making artwork that I thought was Percy that I thought would help, I have realised that that’s not what I was supposed to be doing.

How I got here.

For the last four years since my diagnosis of a mess when I was 30 and now, I’m 34. I have Realise that I have messages that I want to articulate to other people.

Messages of kindness, messages of how to be more excepting, and how to be tolerant of different opinions. My feeling is that we won’t always agree as a society as and when I say we I mean the global way. However, we can find a middle ground to have the conversations that need to be had.

The future has a lot to offer

This has to be one of the most exciting times of my life that I have discovered. Because I am finally passionate about something, passionate to help people have a conversation. And it could be about any kind of political topic. I have a real internal feeling that if we don’t have these conversations right now that we might not have the chance to have them in the future. I would like us all to have that future.

Within the next few years, I can see a drastic shifting of my work flow away from what it used to be, into what it is becoming, which I find incredibly exciting because I am finally passionate about something. I don’t have an answer for what that is, it feels like something good.


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