What it takes

Update for July 2021

Path to oneself reflection

The first sim I did in second life was titled, “path to oneself reflection”. The Sim was a critique on the pandemic of 2020 and everyone’s behaviour towards the year. I wanted to highlight how for good or bad everybody who reacted to the year; had behaved in a very human way. For good or bad we had never been through such an event within our lifetimes. People had read about previous catastrophes like it. However, no one in living memory had ever lived through one. We have been here and we have learnt from this.

Path to oneself Reflection

Inner self-Awareness

The second installation I built at Roxkstudios on the platform of second life. Was “inner self-awareness”, this installation was a footnote. To being accepting of different diversity is and learning tolerance towards different walks of life. I felt the loss of people had lost their way with how they thoughts towards their fellow human being. And I wanted to highlight how everybody generally are worth some respect.

Inner Self Awareness

What it takes

The new installation that is currently running on the platform of second life at roxkstudios. Titled “What it takes”, this is a mild introduction to the awareness of climate change. Looking at what we can all do individually to contribute to helping the planet survive. Hopefully encouraging people to help the planet to do more than just survive but to actually endure. While encouraging recycling and educating to the devastation of the planetary pollution that is currently upon everybody.

My goal and aim for the Sim, is to hopefully teach through the words of others. An artistic Setting that allows different people to digest the information. At a reasonable pace that is understandable for everybody, who views the work. So that everybody can contribute in the small ways that will help the planet.

I am not hoping for miracles, I am hopeful to give people options. At reasonable pace for everybody to be able to take part. In the activities that can help our planet heal. I have a real passion for this subject. Because the devastation that I see in the media and first hand in real life, is truly horrific. I often read a lot of people who deny it, and people who can’t see how they can help. That is not to say that they don’t want to help. It is more to the fact that they aren’t sure of what they can do. Often, I will hear people say it’s not their fault, which is correct. However, there are things that everybody can do that will help.

What it Takes

Small things we can do

To me if it’s teaching somebody how to create their own compost. Also teaching them how to recycle more appropriately in a way that the local recycling centres can cope with. I am happy to share the information on how that can be done. I have a strong belief that a lot of people do want to help.

I’m aware of a large amount of people, are despairing of the topic. And they don’t see a lot of incentive to help. I have installed different displays for different people on the Sim at the current installation. So that people can see in diverse ways how pollution is affecting everybody in different ways. My intention is not to shock people but it is to make them aware of how it does affect everybody.

From everything I have read watched or listen to. There is an ocean of information about what’s happening. Without a lot of options for people who would like to contribute. There is a lot of news articles saying this is what’s going wrong. Without practical solutions for the average day person to be able to help. I do believe that people would like something that can help add a grassroots level.

My overall message for the Sim and the installation has been and will continue to be. We cannot do everything individually, however if everyone individually does one thing. Assuming that the planetary population is 7.8 billion approximately. Then there is a real chance that we can all do something together. Because that many individual changes have a real chance to change the world.

Corners Nook

Above is the May sim installation where I took a break from Art content, this was just a temporary amusement park for friends and fans of the sim to simply enjoy.


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