My introduction to the off-line workshops at the college

Not knowing the best way to approach this but I think I’m going to start. With my introduction to the workshops at the college I’ve been attending.

charge wood block

Due to my schedule being part time. I have been inducted into the Print workshop, textiles and the 3D workshops so far. Where in all three generally the tech Dems in the workshops, have shown processes and how to use the equipment for safety reasons.

safety instruction image

The only workshop that I am still personally waiting to be inducted into. So far would be the ceramics workshop, however, I think that this is going to happen soon.

I am so enthused and involved with my 3D virtual artwork, that for the time being I’m going to take it quite slowly. However as a part-time student I am going to take it gradually. I have six years to do this course which I am loving the factor of, where I have space and time and studio space to make really nice artwork.

Below I will show some of the out-comes of the work I have made in the workshops.

Signed Roxk’s

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