This last month in second Life Feb/March 2022

How to start this post. So, my last month in secondlife has been a bit upside down with moving sims. Sort of. The deeper explanation to why I updated from a homestead sim comes down to really having more ambitious projects then I could achieve with 5,000 prims. A run down of what a Sim is, what prims are and how they interact with the virtual world of Second Life.

Prims and Sims: for thoses who are not Second Life users.

A “Prim” or “Prims” are the building blocks in the virtual world of second life. They help create everything within Second Life. Each item is created out of prims. outside of audio or video. By extension to this explanation is “Sims” or “a sim” in Second Life, Sim being short for simulation.

To further that explanation for those who are not Second Life users. A Sim, is the land mass on which all prims, are used to decorate. To extend this, there are different “types” of sims. Some sims are called “homesteads”. Homesteads, have a maximum of 5,000 prims that can be used.

A basic full sim has the capacity to hold up to 15,000 prims. So, with that explanation for those who might not be second life users. I personally see sims like paint canvases and prims kind of like paint.

Also, the question. “Why are prims limited?”. Well, a sim or simulation in Second Life is a program running on a hard drive in a server bank. The bigger the hard drive, the more data it can hold and that is what Second Life Sim Prim count is all about. Here is a link to the Second Life About Land section of the Second Life website for a more indepth explanation of what land in Second Life is all about.

The Roxkstudios sim in second life Feb/March 2022

The sim move / change.

Roxkstudios has been updated to a full sim. Initially, Roxkstudios as was opened as a homestead. This was Solely for my personal art work. However, within the year I had realised that the prim building limitations was subsequent limiting my creative flow. So, with changing events I’ve upgraded Roxkstudios to a full sim. I needed more space for bigger projects. With building pressure from other artists who also wanted to join in with the art displays the move up to a full sim was in the works for a long time.

I give my ex sim landlords a hope for their successes in the future as they were wonderful to me for the year that I had the homestead. My life is an ever changing metaphorical train station, each stop is a new way for me to learn, grow and develop as a person.

Why did it happen?

With respect to my past sim, I loved the community there, however times change and this has brought in my new next adventure into the virtual world. There is a huge feeling of excitement to explore where I might go with the new sim. Having the space to host multiple art displays at once is a huge step up for me. I won’t lie, it is intimidating. That within two years of announcing my artistic prescience in Second Life that I feel open enough to turn my solo artistic act into something that I want to share and develop with other artists.

One of the Display Studios At RoxkStudios sim in Second Life.

What will be at the new sim?

This is where I am opening a history of art 101 cinema onto the sim. A new free for use photo suite studio where others in Second Life are welcome to use. An “awareness gallery” dedicated to helping raise awareness to various conditions and health issues that I believe everyone faces in one form or another in their lifetimes. Dragonfruit avocado a meeting place for the vegan community of secondlife to just read, meet and talk. The black pad, reading room for live on mic story telling & Poetry. Finally, a general art gallery for the SL Random Art Crew supporters to display some of their own work in. So, with a full sim Roxkstudios has expanded into a series of venues and galleries for anyone interested to explore. With additional spaces for other displays and art work.

The new link is here: RoxkStudios Sim

The new logo for the SL Random Art Crew

What is the SL Random Art Crew

The Second Life Random Art Crew. This was at first my cover name when I started making public art in Second Life. Through the years, I have picked up some wonderful friends and contributors to my projects. For lack of knowing what else to do with all the names I invited all of them to be a part of the “SLRAC Group” and from then on, I have personally referred to this group of creative people as the “Random Art Crew”. Not because the art is random but sometimes my projects can be eclectic.

With the launch of the new sim, I have added a handful of new artists, Second Life photographers, Musicians, Poets and many more creative people into the fold.

So what is Roxkstudios new sim primarily for?

My hope for the studio’s that it can become an inclusive welcoming venue with the goal of art for art’s sake.

I’ve been Roxks.

I’ll update you all soon enough with whatever’s next.


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